San Diego: First Impressions

I arrived in San Diego after 24h of continuous travel. Customs was a bit of a joke. The airport had an apparent problem in handling the amount of arriving passengers. I estimate more than 500 people waiting to register their luggage and only a few officers trying to handle the situation. Customs reduced to someone picking up the pre-filled forms as fast as possible… Not that I had much value on me.

Waiting at Customs: The two red lights at the back of the hall mark about the end of the line.

Waiting at Customs: The two red lights at the back of the hall mark about the end of the line.

The first thing I noticed about San Diego was its nice temperature and climate, even at night. The second impression I received during my cab ride from the airport to the hotel along the Pacific Highway: „This looks like GTA: Vice City„. The buildings along the seaside highway are illuminated in bright colours and palm trees are planted all along the road — I arrived at the West Coast.

Urban Sunset.

Urban Sunset.

All I know about this area comes from either computer games or TV-shows, so these are the kind of comparisons I’ll make. My hotel — you whatchin‘ any US-crime shows or thrillers? — there is always an L-shaped 2-story motel with roadside access to the rooms. The kind of place where prostitutes meet their customers and addicts their nirvana. This is where I reside. As far as I can tell it is only the architecture that resembles my pop-media fuelled expectations.

Here’s something I already know about San Diego: This must be one of the nicest smelling cities on the planet. Lots of plants are blooming. A sweet odour that mixes with salty, fresh pacific air and a slight hint of smoky barbecue. Wouldn’t be surprised to find someone selling bottled San Diego air.

2 Antworten zu “San Diego: First Impressions

  1. Also bei den Fotos hättest du bei GTA schon 5 Sterne… Klasse.

  2. Danger zone!

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