San Diego: Panoramic

This city is scenic. I went to Balboa Park. It is a huge green square filled with Spanish, colonial architecture, huge trees and flowers of all varieties. Admission is, yet again, completely free which seems just incredibly generous given that this is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved parks I’ve ever been to. Compare that to the remains of the IGA botanical exhibition in Rostock. I guess a lot of these public spaces here are financed by private persons who want to do something good. Right now I’m sitting on a bench in memory of Robert Turneys 85th birthday in an award-winning rose-garden dedicated to Inez Grant Parker.

Main Street in Balboa Park...

Main Street in Balboa Park…

... leading to wonderful nature right in the middle of the city.

… leading to wonderful nature right in the middle of the city.

Back in the days when I had fun playing Sim City 2000, a city simulation game, I always made sure I got a flat map to start with because you can’t build on steep terrain. No wonder my cities turned out to be dystopian mega-structures. Completely opposed to that San Diego is build on hilly and diverse terrain with large chunks of nature interrupting the settlement. Urban area and natural canyons exist side by side.

A valley within the city.

A valley within the city.

I already mentioned that this city smells really good. Well it’s like a friggin‘ candle shop — no, strike that, I hate those — more like a place where you buy herbs. I went down a path along some cactuses which filled the air with a strong odour. Maybe something you would smell when taking one of these relaxation baths.

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  1. Ich bin neidisch.

    Tolle Fotos!

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